“Think of light every day, and let it shine from every part of you to the point that your fellow humans see it in your eyes.”

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I would like to write this list and closing to inspire anyone who faces multiple challenges in life, and sometimes just want to give up, or give in, and either do the wrong thing or just cruise through the rest of life without trying anymore.

Severe Sleep Apnea

Chronic Sarcoidosis…

Sometimes, or for some of us, much of our lives we are co-dependent on relationships. We believe we need to have one all the time, and if we don’t we must be a failure.

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Learning to understand what really loving yourself and giving yourself grace for your mistakes means can take some people decades. Others not so long. It is a ferocious battle in your own mind that can debilitate many areas of your life.

Who becomes a co-dependent?

A quick answer that comes to mind is having…

Bill Nelson, the newest NASA Chief basically stated ahead of the Pentagon report what it will reveal, and that NASA is now in the UFO game.

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Does the concept picture above depict the kind of friendly beings possibly visiting us from afar? Bill Nelson, the newest NASA Chief, who was once a pilot believes if they are, that they haven’t appeared to be a threat.

What has been revealed so far?

Having read almost every article that’s been released on UFOs/UAPs since…

Since I was 4 years old, I have predicted multiple situations that have come true. I’ve decided to share them yearly.

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Bitcoin will rise to an unprecedented $50K by year’s end.

The American government and DOD will join the rest of the world’s countries in verifying the true presence and our relations with multiple civilizations from within the Milky Way Galaxy and beyond.

The world will see COVID-19 dwindle beginning in…

Amy Coney Barrett cryptically tells the old guard, she disrespects LGBTQ Rights.

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“I support sexual preference.”

Preference = Choice = a scientifically-proven and heart-proven falsity.

Orientation = Original = created to be.

Amy Coney Barrett was purposeful, for sure. Telling her followers she will help overturn marriage equality when the first case comes up from a scared straight, so-called, Christian.

MONSE To Debut GOSSIP GIRL-Inspired Runway Show Via Global Livestream On July 7



Gossip Girl

Wednesday, June 30, 2021

HBO Max has revealed the official key art for GOSSIP GIRL, debuting THURSDAY, JULY 8, and announced a partnership with NYC fashion label MONSE.

In celebration of the premiere, HBO Max and MONSE will unveil 22 unique looks inspired by “Gossip Girl” and the iconic private…

A history lesson that should help the religious pacifists and those who only want to worry about themselves… Put this one in the school books.

A young #voice shouting into a microphone, in black and white.
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Sometimes, people, DON’T have ANY reason to be miserable jerks. They just are. Some are just born with those genes in them, and that’s who they are, regardless of how bad or good their life has been.


There have been killers and serial killers who lived great lives and had…

The Ice Road is not the film you expect it to be. It melds drama, terror, thrills, chills, and serious emotions. Buckle yourself down for this one!

Photo by Philippe AWOUTERS on Unsplash

The Ice Road, out on Netflix this weekend, proves that just when you think you’ve seen Liam Neeson do it all, he can blow your mind again.

Written and Directed by a very talented Jonathan Hensleigh, The Ice Road doesn’t waste time getting into the action, and it never ends…

Colin Munro Wood

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